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Necklace - Hematite included Quartz

Necklace - Hematite included Quartz

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This is a unique find, a hematite incl. Quarts but the hematite is sprinkled on the outside making me call these points space quartz. 

Want to feel a little spacey? Looking to add a little ancient goddess vibe to your wardrobe, don’t care about having real gold or silver findings? Then this might just be the one for you. 


~ Hematite incl. Quartz Point

~ Brass Jewelry Dangles

~ Pendent mold was casted from a vintage findings from the 1920s 

~ disclaimer - This piece is not made with real turquoise, but the hematite and quartz are 100% real. 



Hematite Healing Properties:
-Root Chakra
-Helps you remember your thought patterns and memories
-Aids in relieving stress and anxiety
-Provides a shield of protection from negative energy
-Encourages you to identify and conquer your limiting beliefs
-Helps ground you into Mother Natures healing energies
Affirmation: "My life is filled with balance and harmony."


Clear Quartz Healing Properties:
-Aids in calming and soothing the soul.
-Brings good fortune.
-Assists in connecting with your higher self or Higher Power.
-Dispels negative thoughts and emotions, which in turn, allows more positivity to come in.
-Helpful for meditation connection.
-An amazing amplifier, increasing the energy of everything around it

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